Are you done with the treatment?

When you go out in dental clinic, you must feel wonderful and different. Congratulations for the job well done! Your cosmetic dentist did his best to give you gorgeous, attractive and beautiful smiles. You have peace of mind to think that you have better and healthy oral parts than before. You can see what you paid for. I knew you paid a lot to have those benefits. As we all know, cosmetic dentistry procedures are not cheap. You must be wondering what to do after a cosmetic dentistry is done. For sure, you don’t want to ruin it. You better take good care of it to last for years. You don’t want to go back over and over again and pay more. Here are the steps to do and tips after having cosmetic dentistry procedures.You can take your primary treatment from your local dentist.

Post cosmetic dentistry procedure

Different treatment will acquire different care after cosmetic dentistry procedures. After teeth cleaning, you must felt renew and all clean. You simply have to go back in teeth cleaning routine. Brush and floss your teeth after eating and before going to bed. Use fluoride or chlorine dioxide toothpaste to avoid cavities. You should rinse with effective rinse like flourish or ACT within 30 seconds daily. Avoid food and drinks that contribute to teeth stains. Eat healthy foods to make your teeth healthy too. They are vegetables and fruits that give vitamins and minerals to your teeth. There are foods that clean your teeth naturally. Tomato, lemons and other citric fruits can minimize the acid and will help protect from tooth decay. Apples and pears are watery and can stimulate the flow of saliva. Avoid drinking too much alcohol that leaving stains in your teeth. Don’t smoke. It ruins your teeth and other body parts. It’s natural if you feel sensitive to hot and cold after having dental restoration like dental fillings and bonding. To make sure of bonding strength, you should avoid chewing hard foods within 24 hours.  Hard foods can break the filling or other materials used. If you feel different like unbalanced bite, you must consult your dentist about it. They still have something to do to correct it. For severe teeth damage that undergone operation; you should follow carefully the post-op instructions. Your dentist will advise you with the correct procedure to avoid worst scenario. You should visit your dentist regularly to make sure of healthy teeth.